Punctuality and time-keeping

  1. You will be paid only for time worked. The Company expects all members of staff to be punctual and show a responsible atitude to time-keeping and atiendance. It is in your interests to ensure punctuality.
  2. For safety, security and time allocation reasons, you are required to register your arrival and departure at work using the Gleem mobile app. Your pay is also calculated based on the numbers of hours worked, so it is in your own best interest to record your timing correctly.
  3. Persistent lateness, unauthorised and/or unacceptable levels of absence will render you liable to disciplinary action which could lead to dismissal. It is your responsibility to ensure that you atiend punctually for work and follow all timekeeping and absence procedures.
  4. If you need to leave work prior to your normal finishing time or to have time away during the normal working period, you must not leave without first obtaining permission from your line manager. In such circumstances, in addition to registering your arrival and departure times, you must report to your line manager upon leaving and, where appropriate, returning to work.
  5. If you arrive for work more than one hour late without having previously notified the Company, other arrangements may have been made to cover your duties and you may be sent off the premises for the remainder of the shiti/day without pay. By signing your contract of employment and having read this Handbook, you agree that lateness under this paragraph and being sent away from work removes your entitlement to pay for any day on which you arrive at work and arrangements have been made to cover your duties.
  6. Any problem with reporting arrival or departure must be reported immediately to your supervisor or line manager. A failure to report such a problem may result in your presence at work not being recorded with a consequent loss of wages.