Procedure for Sickness or Injury Notification

On the first day of sickness absence, you are required to telephone into the office at least 1 hour before your normal start time (OR, on a Sunday if you are unwell for a Monday stating), stating why you are absent and when you expect to return. If your absence continues, you must update the office regularly to explain your continued absence. It is mandatory that personal contact is made at all times when contacting the Company unless there are exceptional circumstances of severe illness where your absence becomes prolonged. In that event, the Company may accept an immediate member of your family providing the information on your behalf. The sending of text messages or e-mails or leaving a voice-mail will not be accepted as notification.

You should notify the office as soon as you know the date on which you will be returning to work, if this differs from a date of return previously notified.

If you have been suffering from an infectious or contagious illness such as rubella or hepatitis you must not report for work without being certified fit to do so by your own doctor.

You must provide the appropriate certificates as set out below at the relevant times, and complete a Return to Work interview on your return to work, which will be conducted with a member of the Management team. Failure to comply with sickness absence reporting procedures is a disciplinary mater and may result in sick pay being delayed or withheld and action under the Disciplinary Procedure being taken.