Petrol Tracking

Gleem will reimburse you 21 pence per mile. When you commence your employment, we will issue you with a log book to track your mileage.

Mileage is not paid from your home at the start of the day to your first booking and the same applies from your last booking travelling to your home. All mileage in between your first and last will be subject to reimbursement.

From your first booking make a note of the date, time, customer name and the total mileage as shown on your speedometer. Repeat this process throughout the day as you leave each clean.

At the end of each week please either bring your logbook into the office so we are able to make a copy or email a photo through to Your mileage will be added to each fortnightly pay. If you fail to provide the mileage amounts before the payroll, you will not be able to claim the mileage.