Monitoring Attendance

The Company requires all employees to attend work consistently. It monitors attendance levels on a regular basis. Employees with excessive or unacceptable absence levels may be dismissed on the grounds of being incapable of performing the work they were employed to do.

In addition, suspension may occur or conduct and/or capability procedures instigated in the following circumstances:

  • Failure to abide by absence reporting procedures;
  • Absence is not for a valid reason;
  • Absence is short-term but persistent or repetitive;
  • Absence follows a pattern of occurring on particular days;
  • Illness/injury is self-inflicted (e.g. alcohol abuse where treatment has been refused or there has been lack of co-operation with treatment; any form of self-inflicted harm; the result of criminal action on your part); Frequent or a single injury through dangerous or contact sports;
  • Injury through reckless disregard for your own health and safety outside or at work;
  • You claim or have claimed to be sick but are/were fit for work at the material time;
  • You make or have made misrepresentations with regard to your ability to work;
  • You have caused or significantly contributed to your absence levels by reason of careless or reckless activities including but not limited to high-risk sport or leisure activities and/or misuse of any work equipment; Your absence has occurred as a result of an activity prohibited by your contract of employment.