Improper Applications for Sick Pay

Submission of a medical certificate, fit note or self-certification form will not in itself always be regarded as sufficient justification for accepting your absence. In deciding whether your absence is acceptable, the Company will take into account, the reasons and extent of all your absences, including any absence caused by sickness.

The Company regards the following as gross misconduct for which summary dismissal may be warranted

  • the employee claims or has claimed to be sick but is/was fit for work at the material time;
  • the employee makes or has made misrepresentations with regard to his ability to work;
  • the employee’s ill-health is self-induced for reasons including but not limited to misuse of drugs or alcohol or is the result of a criminal action on the part of the employee;
  • the employee has caused or significantly contributed to his ill-health by reason of careless or reckless activities including but not limited to high-risk sport or leisure activities and/or misuse of any work equipment;
  • the employee has incurred an injury as a result of an activity prohibited by his contract of employment