Evidence of Incapacity

You should produce the following evidence concerning your absence and ensure that appropriate certificates are provided for the whole of your absence:

  • A Self-Certificate is permitted and required for absence of up to and including 5 consecutive working days. This must be submitted on-line.
  • A Medical Practitioner’s Certificate (“fit note”) is required for absence of more than 5 consecutive working days inclusive of the first day’s absence. The fit note must set out the medical condition from which you suffer and the anticipated period of absence and any steps required on your return to work. Your must send this to your manager. A certificate which does not refer to a clinically recognized illness may not be accepted as proof of absence caused by illness or as evidence of incapacity for work and may result in preventing a claim for SSP.

A Medical Practitioner’s Certificate must also be provided:

  • When requested, where more than 3 periods of self-certificated absence occur in any 12 month period. You are required to bear any expense incurred in obtaining any such certificate; OR
  • For absence before or following an annual or bank/public holiday;
  • For absence before or following pre-booked leave.

Employees whose absence has been prolonged will be required to produce medical evidence to satisfy the Company that they are fit to return to the job they were employed to do. Such evidence may be obtained, if so required, from a doctor appointed by the Company whom the employee may be required to atiend for a medical examination to ascertain fitness for work.

If you are absent through sickness or injury for more than 5 days in any period of 12 months, the Company reserves the right to require a medical certificate for each and every day of absence over and above the 5 days, whether for one or several period(s) of absence through sickness or injury for the remainder of that year..

Failure to provide genuine certificates may result in sick pay being delayed or withheld and action under the Disciplinary Procedure being taken.