Applications for leave

  1. All annual leave must have prior approval and authorization. The Company will respond as soon as possible to your request for leave. No responsibility will be accepted for monies lost for pre-booked holidays as a consequence of your failure to follow the procedure for application for leave.
  2. The Company reserves the right to refuse leave applications and to impose dates for leave to be taken at a time suit operational needs. 
  3. The process for applying for leave is:
  • Requests for holidays should be submitted through your Xero log in.
  • Generally, you will only be permitted to take a maximum of 10 working days holiday at any one time.
  • Applications for holidays must be submitted:
On at least 2 calendar months notice for a holiday of up to 10 working days;
On at least 6 weeks’ notice for a holiday of 5 working days;
On at least 1 month’s notice for a holiday of 2-4 working days;
On at least 1 week’s notice for a holiday of 1 day.

So as to ensure the efficient running of the Company, holidays are likely to be granted on the basis of first request, first granted provided that there are not so many applications for the same period that, if granted the efficiency of the business would be impaired.