Schedule Emails

Each day prior to your working day (if you have cleans booked), you will receive a schedule via email at around 4pm. Below is an image of a schedule with an explanation to the information you may need on it. 

  • Name: This is the customer’s name so that you know who to greet when you arrive to the clean
  • This is provided so you know where to go. 
  • Date and time: Please arrive at the stated time as people may be home waiting for you. If you notice a clash in any of your schedules (i.e. you have been booked to clean at multiple locations at the same time, please notify the office as soon as possible so we can arrange to change the times.)
  • Staff comment: Please follow these instructions – office staff have put these notes here for you and they are specific to that individual clean.
  • Underneath that information there are various bullet points for you to see if the customer has parking, pets etc.