New Cleaners’ Guide To A Great Start

Welcome to Gleem!

  • As a member of the team there are certain expectations.
  • These will benefit you and make you very successful as a domestic cleaner: helping you to get more hours, increase your hourly rate and obtain great bonuses too.
Know your schedule
  • Always make clear you know your schedule (you can view it easily on the Gleem App).
  • Make sure you are available at the times and on days you have agreed with us and the customer.
  • This also means that when new/last minute customers join us, you can fit them in and build your client base.
Treat your client well and they will reward you with repeat custom…But how?
  • Always text your client and introduce yourself when new,a;lways ask them what they expect and provide a checklist so you’re on the same page and you dont waste time guessing what the client wants.
  • Text every client the night before so they know you haven’t forgot they know your coming so will have supplies and stuff out ready and the key in the right place. This also avoids the client forgetting this is also part of what we expect as a company.
  • Leave the client notes, if they need a product or you did extra or you can’t find something. This shows the client you care about your role and their clean but lost they never run out of anything.
  • When cleaning, always look for the extra to do cobwebs, skirtings, behind sofas, down sides of cookers, windows, window seals and fridge wipe out and organize. Why do you ask?… well they will recommend you to a friend so will pick up local work and build a great client base.
  • Always let them know at an early opportunity if you are ill or you have holidays booked, always offer them a replacement clean with the company.
Dress Smartly
  • One thing that gets great feedback is how smart you look. We have shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts and tunics that you can order (FREE OF CHARGE) to stay looking smart and save you clothes from getting dirty too!
Being Self Employed
  • This is very easy keeping a small exercise book of everything you spend. There are loads you can claim back and we are happy to help.
  • Read our guides to help you. Look at what you can claim back and make sure you can get into your government portal.
  • Being self-employed gives you so many benefits, you can choose your own pension and pay as little or as much as you like.
The App is your friend

We use launch 27 and this app is your friend not only it helps you find your clean but records your time and offers you help.

    • You can see your customers details for their bookings
    • Instantly get directions to their site/home
    • Take photos of the clean before you leave for proof
    • Use the notes section on the app to record anything useful
    • The app shows you ALL the details of the clean, if there are any complaints recorded
  • We can’t charge the customer unless you have logged your time on the app because it gives us evidence that you were at the site for the correct amount of time.


We promise to do our best, and hope you’ll take pride in doing your best too!

Gleem spends a lot of money advertising to find new customers, and a lot of effort behind the scenes too: please bear this in mind when working for us. Together we will put all our effort into building a great list of customers where they couldn’t imagine managing their homes without you!

If you have issue pick up the phone to the office we can support you: 0117 325 2772

Gleem are proud to clean and we hope that together we can give you the tools to provide great cleaning every clean.

Good luck and Welcome to the team.

Joseph Edwards, Kate Pickett and the whole Gleem Family