General Cleaning

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This course provides information about general cleaning that will need to be carried out in most rooms/areas of the house. Attention to detail is extremely important and so we have provided a clearly broken down and easy to understand list of tasks that you will be required to perform at a clean. Some of the information here may seem like common sense, but we’re all human and may miss things sometimes even if they are tasks we have been performing for years. There may also be something suggested in this guide you haven’t thought of before, such as a slightly more efficient way of doing things. If you have experience in cleaning this course can be used to refresh your memory and test your knowledge, and if you are new to cleaning it will teach you the foundations of providing a high quality cleaning service. At Gleem we are proud to clean, and it is of the utmost importance that you go through this course and take the time to understand all the information provided. This is a way we help ensure everyone in our team can provide the highest of standards and therefore gain happy customers.