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This Customer Service course covers the outcomes for cleaning staff to provide effective client service. Customer service covers many aspects of a professional cleaners role including:

Understanding what it means to provide outstanding customer service

Looking professional (personal presentation) and acting like a professional

See issues/problems before they arise

Providing assistance and information in a prompt manner

Working and acting in a professional way – ensuring that wherever you are within a property, even though there may not be a customer in view, you walk, talk and act like a professional.

Fully understanding your job description and duties

Communicating with others clearly, concisely and in confidence

Having product and service knowledge about your company and the facility you work in.

In this guide you will learn how to:
Section 1 – Customer Service in the cleaning industry
Section 2 – Acting professionally
Section 3 – Working professionally
Section 4 – Verbal communication skills
Section 5 – Non-verbal communication skills (body language)
Section 6 – Providing customer service