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We want you to be the absolute best you can be; we want your skills and confidence to grow as much as possible during your time at Gleem. Self awareness and personal development are some of the most rewarding experiences in life and we want to work alongside you to help cultivate this skill!

‘Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.’ – Lao Tzu

bookmark_borderGleem Introductory Course

Gleem isn’t just another service company that is happy to amble along being average.

We were born to be different: Gleem exists to empower.

By joining Gleem we would like to make a commitment to you: to state that we will forever work to develop a business that enables you to enjoy your job. In everything we do, we will strive to improve the business and structure it to make your job more enjoyable. This is important for us and it is the reason that Gleem was started.

Gleem isn’t just about making work ‘easy’, and not everyone gets to work at Gleem, so be proud of what you have achieved already by joining us. Together we have agreed that you and Gleem are a good fit. Now we can grow together.

Through your hard work and dedication Gleem will be able to empower many more people: you are the driving force behind us, and we are building a movement in industries where traditionally people work long, hard hours in jobs that they don’t enjoy, for companies that don’t care about them.

We are turning this on it’s head, and are growing a service business that focusses on it’s people as it’s main priority.

We promise to talk with you about how you can develop, and provide all the opportunities for growth that you want: all you need to do is take advantage of these opportunities.

We may seem small now, but our ambitions are large: we will challenge the way the service industry and the businesses in it operate. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we can’t wait to see how far you’ll help us go.

This welcome pack gives you a litile bit more information about what you can expect from Gleem, so sit back and have a read.

bookmark_borderGleem Customer Service

This Customer Service course covers the outcomes for cleaning staff to provide effective client service. Customer service covers many aspects of a professional cleaners role including:

Understanding what it means to provide outstanding customer service

Looking professional (personal presentation) and acting like a professional

See issues/problems before they arise

Providing assistance and information in a prompt manner

Working and acting in a professional way – ensuring that wherever you are within a property, even though there may not be a customer in view, you walk, talk and act like a professional.

Fully understanding your job description and duties

Communicating with others clearly, concisely and in confidence

Having product and service knowledge about your company and the facility you work in.

In this guide you will learn how to:
Section 1 – Customer Service in the cleaning industry
Section 2 – Acting professionally
Section 3 – Working professionally
Section 4 – Verbal communication skills
Section 5 – Non-verbal communication skills (body language)
Section 6 – Providing customer service